cancer horoscope march 21 birthday

March monthly horoscope anticipates an exceptional year in love, career, health Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22 nd, after three years in Capricorn.

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Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points - Starry Blessings Astrology

All Football. One is Umra, i. Ever since the formation of the moon took place around 4.

Cancer Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

It has been stepping inches away from our planet. This alignment provides Earth with the ability to outcast its shadow on the moon and paving way for a lunar eclipse. The first lunar mission took place on 16 July With flight commander Neil Armstrong, becoming the first man to ever step upon the lunar surface.

This year 16 July , marks 50 years anniversary to the first lunar mission, Apollo Armstrong and Aldrin made history when they become the first-ever human to step on a planetary body other than Earth. With massive success in the mission, it also made a benchmark to be the first logistical and engineering achievement on the moon.

Worldwide celebrations will take place since this today, 16 July lunar eclipse collides with the Apollo 11 mission which took place 50 years ago. Many of us are raised by hearing ancient mythological tales where we are taught while the eclipse take place, we should not look at the moon.

However, NASA scientists have cleared all the rumors and said that its very much safe to look at the moon. Today, the lunar eclipse will be visible from.

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Eclipses break patterns in our lives and shift our focus. It is best to remain low until the eclipse has gone and the dust settles down before we venture out into action.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

For some time the puny little Moon would have the capability to block out the Sun and turning off the lights on the earth. This might take away our perspectives in life. Solar eclipses are said to take away fixed patterns and push us into unknown realms. Though this might cause upheavals in our life, they are excellent growth promoters.