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March monthly horoscope anticipates an exceptional year in love, career, health Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22 nd, after three years in Capricorn.

You may feel an urge to cut out some of the more negative people from your life. Key Date: March 21'st full moon in Libra will have you wanting to focus more on romance than a needy friend. You are unlikely to be afraid to stand up for yourself this time. Do what is best for you!

April Due to focus on a romantic partner, you may be neglecting other areas of life a little too much. A clash with a family member or a boss is likely to happen, as you are struggling to prioritize your needs in life. You are learning to find happy mediums in doing what is best for yourself as a whole. Key Date: April 5th is where you are facing some communication difficulties in your social life. Be sure to double-check your texts and e-mails to avoid any awkward misunderstandings. May Your emotions are more intense and impulsive than normal during this month.

This can impact your love life and cause you to make a big choice that can impact your life as a whole.

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If you are afraid of changes, you will want to determine the best path possible for yourself so you don't make a false move. Key Date: Use your decisive energy around mid-May on the 15th to assess the direction your love life is headed. Weigh out the pros and cons before you make a decision you regret later on. June Family is on your mind, as a loved one needs some extra support. You are needed right now, and it will be important to make some extra time that you might not normally have. You may be surprised by how much your positive energy and communication style can be of service to someone in need.

Key Date: June 21st is the change of the season. Your inner strength is at a peak around today. Your dreams will likely be quite vivid and possibly symbolic. Use a dream journal to record any dreams you have around this date. July A new romantic connection may cross your path this month. You are feeling a need for emotional intimacy. The desires you have, may clash with an instinct to protect yourself. You may feel confused, but a good friend can help you think this one through aloud. Your love life is a priority right now, as the new connection dominates your thoughts.

Key Date: Chances for meeting someone new in your love life are most likely around July 8th. If you are open to someone new, don't be afraid to leave the house and do a social activity that holds your interest. August Your luck with communication and technology will suffer due to the Mercury Retrograde that is ongoing for a large portion of the month.

Even if there is no internet or you find yourself without means to communicate via technology, you will be able to use your creativity to think of an alternative plan.

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Don't lose hope this month, just try to stay in control. Be prepared for things to go wrong, so you can avoid emotionally succumbing to your bad luck right now. September Financial matters would be a good focus for this month. You may also find that some of your investments of the past have paid off! Assessing your finances may bring further adjustments that can improve your savings even more so. You are on a great path for financial self-improvements. Key Date: September 29th is ideal for having your mind most focused for analytical work and numbers.

Today’s Pisces Birthday Horoscope: Astrology Insight Now

This can benefit your career path and also your personal life, if you use this time to check into your own financial planning. October Some of your co-workers may be driving you crazy this month. The politics at work may be draining you to the point of exhaustion.

Try to do your best to stay out of the agendas of others. Remember that the boss is likely aware and always watching.

Key Date: October 17th is when the tension at work starts to peak. Prepare for the worst and remember that sometimes no one can be truly trusted. The people around you may only care about themselves and not you, so defend yourself accordingly. November You may be feeling ready for to be over, as another Mercury Retrograde begins this month. The stress as of late is taking its toll on you. It may be harder than usual to think clearly as your energy wanes.

It is a good time to take a break from work if you have any vacation days available to you. Key Date: The week of November 24th is looking good for a long vacation.

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This will allow you to escape some of the stress and complications that are going on at work and in your life. Your career path may even benefit from a vacation as you come back with a more clear mind than you had before. December A solar eclipse in Capricorn this month can give you more of a practical mindset than usual this holiday season.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

You may be feeling confused, as you are not in a holiday spirit as much as you normally are. The feeling should pass by the time you get to New Year's Eve. Try to make up for a more melancholy month, and end the year on a positive note. Key Date: December 26th's solar eclipse in Capricorn will place the spotlight on areas of life that you are wanting more practical changes to be made.

This energy can be draining to the dreamer in you, so brace yourself. January As the new year gets going, you are feeling much better and more like your usual self. You have energy to make some positive New Year's resolutions.

There are some areas that you would like to work on, and it is a great time to get started. Your motivation is high to transition into a lifestyle that you can be more proud of. Key Date: January 1st has you focused on making resolutions that you plan to stick to this year.

You can succeed in following your resolutions as long as you are not too ambitious! February Your social agenda is quite full this month. Pisceans have a tendency to daydream in order to escape from the demands of the real world. These people spend so much time in their own fantasy world, so they rarely perceive whatever is going on around them in its true light.

They can get lonely and detached from other people in their own imaginary world. People born under the Pisces horoscope sign are generous, patient and more social than any other sign of the zodiac, so they tend to make friends wherever they go. Their imagination and creativity are two of their greatest strengths.

Nevertheless, these talented individuals are prone to getting extremely pessimistic, submissive and easily influenced. Pisceans are great and extremely loyal friends who will go out of their way to help a friend. They are sensitive and compassionate so they will take a friend's problem, make it their own and suffer with them.

According to astrology Pisces people are genuine, loyal and supportive friends, but they have trouble opening up to new people, especially if they've been hurt before. The biggest problem with Pisces is that they spend too much time in the beautiful world of their imagination, so they refuse to accept that they have a responsibility to themselves and to other people. As parents, Pisces representatives are compassionate, nurturing and in tune with their children's needs. They feel the pain of their children and they experience their joy at every new discovery they make.

They are highly imaginative and creative so they will happily spend hours and hours playing and having fun with their children.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

Pisceans parents will teach their children the importance of dreams and they will be there to listen and support them as much as they can. As partners, Pisceans are gentle, kind, emotional, romantic, and sensitive. Their faith in love will be unshaken even after too many disappointments for one lifetime. They can connect to people on a spiritual level and form a strong yet sensitive bond that others don't see. Many Pisceans will have numerous relationships that won't last too long, but no matter what, they are in constant search for true love.

Pisceans often have troubles to distinguish love and co-dependency. They tend to idealize partners and therefore they may not be aware that they are being exploited in a relationship. For people born under the sign of Pisces, sex is a lot more than just a physical thing — it's about losing themselves in a spiritual ecstasy.